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We understand that our services are critical to our clients operations. We pride ourselves on our agility, dependability and commitment to execution for our customers. Whether  we are delivering rotable material, managing repairs or surplus material, our  commitment to our customers is our top priority. 


Skytower Aviation understands reliable provision of components is essential to every commercial airlines success. We always strive to provide our clients with:

  • On time delivery.

  • Full certification (FAA/EASA).

  • Extensive quality assurance.

  • Extended warranties.


 We align ourselves with our clients operational  goals and  pride ourselves on providing  top of the line aftermarket components.  


Skytower's project management team has extensive experience in designing and executing  dynamic large scale projects offering an all inclusive experience. We leverage our experience to execute:

  • Interior Upgrades & Cabin Reconfiguration.

  • Aircraft Return To Services Projects.

  • Heavy Check Management - C-Check & D-Check.

  • Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions / Dismantling.

We design customized project solutions encompassing asset management, engineering, materials, and logistics. 

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Skytower offers customized material management programs designed for strategic management of our clients assets. Maximizing the value of client assets by means of sale, disassembly, or return to service. We offer programs  for:

  • Consignment Sales.

  • Repair Management.

  • Asset Management.

Skytower is currently actively seeking consignment partners, please contact us for more information on the benefits of our program.


Skytower Aviation is always seeking new investment opportunities. A combination of experience and data analysis allow Skytower to make quick assessments on potential investments. 

  • Airframes, Engines, QEC, APUs.

  • Avionics, Wheels & Brakes, Nacelles.

  • Rotable Packages & Strategic Spares.

Please contact us to further discuss  your  available assets or spares packages. 

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